Cats Gallery

Cats Gallery

All our cats are spayed / neutered, microchipped, given all vaccines and boosters that are required. You can become a pet owner or even a foster parent in just a couple days! You need to fullfill our application form and sign it before handing over the animal. 

Not Ready to Adopt or Foster a Cat?

We understand that not all lifestyles and households can include a dog or cat for various reasons. For those who still care and wish to make an impact, we will gladly accept your other donation of any kind.


Name: Marie (oranzi kaelasalliga) ja pojad Toulouse ja Berlioz
Age: 7 weeks
Sex: 1 female, 2 male
Sterilization done: Yes, will be done
Chipped: Yes

Other info: The first kits in Nurrunurka’s cat’s shelter received names from the Wist Disney movie Aristocats. Marie (with orange necklace) and the boys named Toulouse and Berlioz are friendly, playful, vaccinated, sterilized and eagarly waiting to get good homes here. Tel. Tuula 56612353

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